Mr. George Karunackal
NLP Master Practitioner
Mobile : +91 9447231915
George Karunackal: One of the pioneers in introducing and popularising HRD concepts through training and awareness seminars in Kerala. He has been designing and delivering need based HRD training programmes for the past 27 years. Many public and private enterprises, educational institutions, financial institutions and NGOs have been constantly using his services to improve the total quality of their organizations through training. He is specialized in conducting need-based training, making concepts simple, practical and user-friendly.

He is a Master Practitioner in NLP (17 years experience in NLP) and Hypnotherapy. He is a Certified Trainer in Law of Attraction. Apart from the usual therapy practices of NLP, he has developed his own highly useful therapies for mind healing, goal setting, mind-reprogramming, confidence building etc. He is a Trainer of Trainers and has dozens of highly successful, practicing HRD trainers. He is the President of MINDS and the Head Coach of nlpforall.
Mr. Unnikrishnan Balakrishnan is a Certified LIFE Coach certified by the Certified Coaches Alliance, Canada and also holds an MS degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy. He is an advanced practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Law of Attraction, Hypnosis for Personal Excellence and other mind-power tools & techniques.

By his original profession, Unnikrishnan is a Chartered Accountant from India, a Certified Internal Auditor from US and a Certified Information Systems Auditor from US.

Unnikrishnan is a well-known Self-Empowerment Facilitator, Trainer, Speaker and Life Coach and has Wide Experience in Mentoring Individuals to Success. He regularly conducts training programmes for corporate clients, teachers, students and parents and helps them tap into their inner potential to lead a happy, healthy and successful life.
Mr. Unnikrishnan Balakrishnan
Certified LIFE Coach
Mobile : +91 9495890767