Counselling is a relationship between a therapist (counsellor) and a client (counsellee) wherein the client learns to discuss openly what worries or upsets him, define precise behaviour goals, and develop the mindset to implement desired new behaviours. Personal counselling is a process of providing professional assistance (by the counsellor) to resolve personal or psychological problems (of the counsellee). A professional counsellor is a highly trained individual who is able to use wide range of counselling approaches with his clients.
How is NLP-based counselling different from the classical counselling approaches?
NLP-based counselling sessions are extremely powerful, quick and deliver results in a short span of time. What would take multiple counselling sessions of extended durations under classical approaches could be dealt with in less than 15 minutes in a single session using NLP-based approach. And the best part is that under the NLP-based approach the counsellee need not share all personal secrets with the counsellor.
What problems could be resolved using the NLP-based counselling approach?
Stress, tension, worry, anxiety, all kinds of fears & phobias, trauma, lack of concentration, low confidence levels, lack of motivation, mild depression, anger, insomnia, low self-image, low self-esteem, suicidal tendencies, and the list goes on… In short, NLP can help anything psychosomatic in nature that occurs out of thought which may be conscious or unconscious.